Why Facebook Advertising?

  • Reach a Wide Audience
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Maximise Your ROI
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

The average user spends over an hour each day on Facebook across multiple log-ins. Almost 75% of the 2.41 billion active monthly users log-in on a daily basis, meaning Facebook Advertising provides you with over 1.8billion opportunities to reach potential new customers.

Facebook Ads are engaging and versatile, they provide a multitude of ways to reach social media platform users young and old. For more than half of internet users under the age of 30, Facebook Ads are considered to be the most relevant to their wants and needs.

Let us impress you…

What Do You Get From Facebook Ads

Because of the unique targeting system available through Facebook Ads, we are able to engage with a more specific and higher converting audience.

The versatility of Facebook Ads allows you to focus on a number of valuable actions for you business. From generating more website traffic, to driving conversions & engagement, encouraging App downloads and online sales or simply improving your brand awareness and reach.

Your Oh My Agency Facebook Advertising account manager evaluates your website’s landing page for optimal, long term results. Just as your Facebook page is completely unique, so is the purpose behind each advertising campaign. By ensuring the landing pages on your website are optimised for your audience, we can maximise results for your marketing spend, helping to grow your business for less.

What We Provide

As a full service digital marketing agency we provide our clients with end-to-end campaign creation and management. From target audience research and creation, to ad development and ongoing strategy, we create Facebook Ad campaigns to kick your goals. Oh My Agency has PPC acount managers who specialise in Facebook advertising management. So you know your campaign is in the hands of an experienced, professional social media marketing expert.

As part of your Brisbane Facebook Advertising service you will receive:


Audience Creation

We work closely with you to understand your business and develop audiences that match your business strategy. In many cases this can include developing multiple audiences to meet individual business goals and create funnels for different stages of your customer’s buying journey.


Ad Strategy

Based on your business goals and the audiences we’ve created Oh My Agency develops a full ad campaign strategy for your business. Including campaign objectives and method selection, ad creation including text and creative as well as specialised as placement customisation.


Dedicated Management

Our Facebook Ad managers and specialists are one and the same. Meaning you get a single point of contact throughout the lifetime of your campaign. Our Facebook Ad managers are all-rounders in social media advertising and can provide a cohesive approach to all your social advertising campaigns.


Reporting & Analysis

A successful advertising campaign is build on in-depth analysis and optimisation. Oh My Agency’s social media managers dedicate their time to analysing your campaign, improving on key areas to maximise your return on investment. We provide coherent and timely reporting so you can always see the value in your investment.

Types of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook ad campaigns are incredibly versatile and are a great way to reach multiple audiences with customised messages. The versatility of Facebook Ads makes them a great opportunity for any type of business. Many agencies will talk about boosting posts, but Oh My Agency managers highly recommend the construction of a more specific, sales funnel based campaigns. Through the magic of Facebook marketing you can develop campaigns that:

Promote App Downloads

Generate Leads

Increase Conversions

Improve Brand Awareness

Increase Online Engagement

Produce More Web Traffic

Image Ads

  • Appear natively on Facebook, in Messenger and in the Audience Network
  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, engagement, and app installs
  • Versatile and engaging to the eye
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Image ads receive twice the engagement than ads without images
video marketing

Video Ads

  • Appear natively on Facebook, in Messenger and in the Audience Network
  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, engagement and app installs
  • Versatile, can run from 1 second up to 4 hours
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • The most engaging of all ad types

Carousel Ads

  • Appear natively on Facebook, in Messenger and in the Audience Network
  • Drive traffic, app installs, catalogue sales and other conversions
  • Shows multiple images, products and/or services
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Produces lower cost-per-click than single image ads
facebook marketing

Collections Ads

  • Appears only natively on Facebook
  • Drive traffic, catalogue sales and other conversions
  • Uses a combination of video and images to engage your customers
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • High-converting ad type

Event Ads

35M users view a public Facebook event each day, event ads can help to:

  • Drive engagement and ticket sales
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Easily track ticket sales prompted by your ads
  • Reach friends of event attendees
facebook marketing

Boost Your Brand With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads boast an incredible reach and extraordinary targeting abilities. Facebook Advertising Brisbane opens up more options for ad targeting and presentation than what is available through Google Adwords or traditional Search Engine Marketing. From serving your ads to current customers or users similar to them, to creating specific audience based on demographic features, income & job title, upcoming birthdays and life events, relationship status, level of education and real-life interest and hobbies, the opportunities are endless.

With so many targeting options you can serve your brand to audiences as unique as your business and use what you know about your current customers to reach those most likely to love your brand.

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