Why Facebook Marketing?

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • 2.41 Billion Monthly Active Users
  • Engage With Your Customers
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

A good Facebook Marketing strategy assists business in demonstrating your value and personality to potential customers. Facebook is an ideal platform for growing relationships with current and future customers. Through engaging & shareable content, supporter groups and providing value beyond customers initial purchase.

The average user spends over an hour each day on Facebook across multiple log-ins. Meaning your business has multiple opportunities each day to reach users and develop lasting consumer relationships. The versatility of Facebook and it’s unique reporting systems allows marketing specialists to customise your posts by type, day, time & content to maximise your engagement and reach.

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is the process of using organic tools and posts on Facebook for the benefit of your business. This includes growing your followers, promoting your products, services and sales and building your brand’s image for top of mind awareness.

A Facebook marketing strategy is essentially the purposeful planning of your chosen type of content as Facebook posts. A specialist Facebook marketing company can help you to incorporate call to action and personality posts into your strategy and bring value to your audience. Oh My Agency evaluates your Facebook insights to ensure we use the most powerful marketing strategies to convert your audience.

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Why Use Facebook for Social Media Marketing?

Advertising on Facebook comes in many forms. Not only are we a Facebook advertising agency, Oh My Agency also offers an expert approach to organically promoting your business through this social network. One of the many reasons to hire a Facebook Marketer for your online marketing is thanks to the Facebook audience. The users on Facebook are incredibly varied but you can harness the power of Facebook audiences to grow your business and bring your brand to top of mind.

Given the number of daily active users on Facebook, options for targeting people relevant to your business are varied and plentiful. Facebook marketing stats are widely available and you can see custom results for your individual Facebook business page. Using a Facebook digital marketing agency gives you access to experts who know how to interpret this data. They use this information to implement effective Facebook marketing campaigns that convert.

Whether you aim for users to visit your website, make a purchase through Facebook shops or join a one of your loyalty Facebook groups, advanced Facebook marketing can help you reach your goals.

What We Provide

As a full service Facebook Marketing agency, Oh My Agency provides end-to-end Facebook Business Page Marketing strategy. From audience identification, to a complete content strategy and user engagement.

Your dedicated Facebook Business Marketing expert encompasses the following as part of your service:


Content Strategy

Your business receives a Facebook content strategy each month, with planned and scheduled posts ready for your approval prior to posting. Oh My Agency creates a range of posts designed to drive awareness, engagement and purchase consideration behaviours.


User Engagement

An important part of a well rounded Facebook Marketing strategy is engaging properly with your target audience. Showing your users a personality and positive communication behind your brand is essential to encouraging constructive purchasing behaviour.


Dedicated Management

With your Facebook Marketing campaign you receive a dedicated, Brisbane based, social media manager. Meaning we get to know your brand intimately as part of our 1 on 1 service. And you receive a friendly, familiar face to look forward to each meeting.


Reporting & Analysis

Using Facebook’s unique reporting tools, Oh My Agency provides transparent reporting each month on the success of your Facebook Marketing campaign. We analyse this data on a regular basis to ensure your campaign is continually improving and to inform our focus for development.

Build Your Brand With Facebook Marketing

Want to reach new customers without the added expense of advertising? Facebook Marketing could be the tool for you. Create and share engaging content, communicate with online users and influence buyer behaviour through organic social media channels.

Working with an agency of specialist Facebook Marketing managers means you get the advantage of having a cohesive social media strategy, optimised for all the latest Facebook updates. We work to understand your business and your profile’s data to ensure you get the most out of each individual post, created specifically to meet your marketing goals.

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