Why Google App Ads?

  • Increase App Downloads
  • Reach Customers on Multiple Platforms
  • Increase In-App Purchases
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

Google App Ads show in the Google search and display networks as well as promoting your application within the Google Play store to encourage direct downloads.

OMA’s PPC specialists can also develop Apple iAds to further promote IOS downloads of your application and establish a well-rounded app advertising strategy.

App Ads can grab users attention by showing ‘interstitial ads’, taking up the whole screen of a users’ mobile or tablet device. These ads usually result in a much higher click-through-rate and therefor more exposure for your application.

Let us impress you…

Boost In-App Purchases

Google App ads aren’t only used for product exposure and to drive initial downloads. They can also be used to encourage in-app purchases or actions.

A professionally managed app campaign monitors user actions in your app and uses this information to drive valuable actions more often. This not only ensures you are getting bang for your buck with initial downloads but also keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

What We Provide

Oh My Agency builds App Ads on strong foundations to give your campaign the best chance at success from day 1. From here our Google Ads specialists create custom ad copy and designs to encourage user interaction and drive conversions.



We develop a campaign strategy based on your unique application and it’s target audience. Oh My Agency creates customised ads for each of the networks on which your ads will appear. Built with strong calls to action to engage your audience and drive conversions OMA builds strong app campaigns designed for maximum ROI.



Through continued and detailed data analysis our in-house Google Ads specialists evaluate your campaign and ensure your investment is focused strongly in the areas of highest return. Your account manager will identify the ads and targeting that requires improvement and use positive performance data to enhance the quality and performance of your campaign.


Dedicated Management

Our Google Application Ads account managers are specialists in all areas of PPC advertising. Because of this you get a cohesive approach to advertising your app not only through Google Ads but also directly through app stores and social media. With each of our account managers performing the work themselves you have a single, knowledgeable point of contact for your campaigns.


Reporting & Analysis

Successful application ad campaigns provide great return on investment, however in order to achieve this we have to implement a high volume of data analysis. With Application Ads showing across multiple platforms and networks, specialist data analysis is required to ensure positive performance across the board.

Reach More Users with Google App Ads

Oh My Agency’s holistic approach to application advertising means you reach more users all across the internet. With Google App Ads showing in both the Google Search and Display networks you automatically reach over 90% of internet users. Our account managers work closely together to ensure your PPC strategy includes targeting users in search engines, on websites, in other apps and on social media. This provides your app with exposure to the right people at the right time, no matter where they are online.

What You Get from an OMA Gооglе App Ads Campaign:

  • Holistic approach to advertising your app online
  • Customised ads designed to convert
  • Data-driven analysis and reporting focused on increasing your ROI
  • Dedicated Google Application Ads manager
  • Full transparency in the form of your own client portal
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Optimise Your App with Expert Advice

Oh My Agency’s Google App Ad managers work closely with our clients to ensure your app listing is of the highest quality to support your paid campaign. As Google uses dynamic targeting in the ad creation process OMA’s team of PPC experts help you to enhance your organic listing to help drive both paid and unpaid downloads.

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Promoting your app to the public can be a lengthy and involved process. With a Google App Ads campaign created and managed by Oh My Agency you can achieve more downloads and in-app actions without the time and stress.

Our team focus on these valuable actions to provide you with real results and the best return possible for your investment.

To find out how we can help promote your app, contact our team today.