Why Google Remarketing Ads?

  • Improve Your Conversion Rate
  • Increase Top of Mind Brand Awareness
  • Bring Users Back to Your Site
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

Google Remarketing serves ads to people who have already visited your site. These ads can be targeted based on actions taken on your site, pages visited and even cart abandonments. Or they can simply be served to users who have visited your site in a particular time period.

Statistics show that remarketing ads can help increase conversion rates by as much as 150%. Remarketing ads are affordable and have a higher click-through-rate (CTR) than traditional display network ads. These ads are a great way to remind consumers of your brand and of any opportunities they have missed.

Let us impress you…

Boost Online Conversions With Remarketing

Remarketing uses snippets of code to serve your ads to users who have previously visited your website. By installing a Google Ads remarketing tag on your website you can create audiences directly through your Google Ads campaign. Alternatively your Google Remarketing campaign manager can link information from you Google Analytics account to create and target audiences.

These audiences can be segmented based on a variety of factors including demographics, on-site actions and visit date and duration. Using this information your campaign manager can identify a target audience that is most likely to convert upon return. Visitors who see your remarketing ads are 43% more likely to convert. Users who see your remarketing ads online are also 70% more likely to purchase from your business than from a competitor.

With a low average cost-per-click, remarketing ads are ideal for maximising your return on investment and are particularly successful when run in conjunction with lead based PPC campaigns.

What We Provide

Oh My Agency is a full service digital marketing agency meaning we manage your remarketing campaigns from start to finish. From establishing different remarketing audiences to creating high-quality and high converting ad creative, we nuture your leads to completion.

Being a full service agency, our Google Ads remarketing strategy managers can work closely with your Facebook remarketing manager to evaluate website visitors for more specific ad targeting. As part of creating and managing an effective remarketing ads campaign your service includes:



We segement your audiences based on visits to and actions on your website as well as demographical factors. This means you get the most out of each individual campaign and get clear data into which audience and products or services are the highest performing for your website. These audiences and their identifying factors are established through either your Google Ads tag or Analytics Global Site Tag. We also work with your Facebook Ads manager to see how information from your Facebook Pixel matches our audience segmentation.


Ad Creation

Your remarketing manager creates ads to captivate the attention of your audiences. Each ad is specially crafted with a specific message designed to convert it’s viewers based on the audience’s past actions and characteristics. We can even implement remarketing audience lists to run with your Google Search Ads. Your strategic campaign manager can also implement frequency capping to ensure your target audience sees your ads only when most valuable to them and not to an extent where they become annoying and leave a bad taste associated with your brand.


Dedicated Management

Our Google Display Ad specialists and account managers are one and the same. With expert knowledge on how to create the best performing remarketing ads you get one dedicated account manager with an in-depth knowledge of your audiences and account. Your dedicated remarketing ads manager knows the ins-and-outs of each page of your website and knows how to target users based on which pages are most likely to convert. A dedicated manager means you get a better hands-on approach to your Google remarketing campaign.


Reporting & Analysis

Remarketing ads can be a great way to maximise the return on your investment, however they need to be managed properly for this to be possible. Oh My Agency provides in depth analysis and reporting for your remarketing campaign as well as a transparent client portal to keep you up-to-date at all times. Your Google Remarketing campaign manager will inform you of which audiences perform best, to help with other digital and traditional campaigns you may be running. We also provide individual insights for each report to help you gain better understanding of the data.

Stay Top Of Mind with Google Remarketing Ads

Businesses without remarketing ads on average receive completed sales from only 8% of customers who initial abandoned their carts. With remarketing ads, this number increases to 26% thanks to little reminders following consumers around the internet referring to their forgotten purchases.

However, remarketing isn’t only for eCommerce. Remarketing ads have the ability to convert online users for only 2% of the cost of that of traditional search ads. By implementing site usage information in audience structures, we can nuture online leads for consumers who have shown interest in particular services as presented on your website. Something that is applicable in almost every industry.

What You Get from an OMA Google Remarketing Ads Campaign:

  • Strategic audience development
  • Customised ad designs created to convert
  • Data-driven analysis and reporting focused on maximising your ROI
  • Dedicated Google Remarketing Ads account manager
  • Consistent communication and collaboration with your social media advertising manager for a clear remarketing message on multiple platforms
  • Full transparency in the form of your own client portal

Remind Customers with Remarketing

Sometimes consumers simply aren’t ready to convert when they visit your website. By serving these users remarketing ads you gently remind them of your brand until they are ready. We customise your ad copy for each stage of the buying journey to ensure potential customers see your business in the best light every step of the way.

An effective remarketing ads campaign takes note of where your users are in their buying journey and serves messages based on where they are in the process. Abandoned cart reminders, sale notices and other strong calls to action are essential to increasing your onsite conversion rate.

Contact Oh My Agency Today

Nuture your leads with a professional approach to remarketing with Oh My Agency. Our team of Google Ads specialists manager your campaigns by focusing on achieving the highest return possible on your investment. Remarketing ads are a great way of achieving return for a lower cost investment and managed correctly these ads can build your brand recognition throughout the digital space.

To find out how a professional managed remarketing campaign can boost your business contact the team at Oh My Agency today.