Why Google Search Advertising?

  • Target People Looking For Your Business
  • Drive Valuable Actions On Your Website
  • Outrank Your Competitors
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

Google Adwords search advertising puts your business in front of users actively searching for your business’ products and services. With strategic bidding and continued optimisation, search ads allow you to bid for the opportunity to outrank your competitor’s organic results.

With search ads you can see all the elements that make up a successful campaign, providing great insight into where to optimise and maximise your return on investment. Clear and accurate reporting allows us to weed out the weak and focus on the strong ensuring your investment is well spent.

Let us impress you…

Boost your Paid Search Campaign Conversions

Oh My Agency is a google certified team of professionals. We specialise in Google Adword Search campaigns, that actually work. With a focus on the bigger picture, your conversions, Oh My Agency delivers search campaigns with a REAL return on investment.

Search campaigns are perfect for targeting potential customers actively looking for the products and/or services that your business provides. With detailed keyword targeting and data-driven analysis our team of Google Ads specialists target users most likely to bring value to your business in the form of leads and sales.

What We Provide

As a full service agency we provide solid building blocks in the form of a professionally crafted search campaign.

This includes advanced keyword research, strategic campaign structuring and tailored ad copy designed to convert.



We conduct in-depth keyword research, working closely with you to to develop a keyword list that aligns with your business’ strategy and goals. We investigate the best way to reach users searching for your products/services by strategically evaluating search trends.


Strategic Structuring

We give your business the best chance at success right from the get-go with professionally crafted campaigns. We structure our search campaigns to optimise the quality of each individual keyword from the very start.


Dedicated Management

Our Google search ad specialists and account managers are one and the same. We provide each client with a dedicated account manager, allowing our team to firmly focus on providing the best results for a manageable client-load.


Reporting & Analysis

A successful Google Ads search campaign achieves a great return on investment. To do this requires intensive data analysis and accurate reporting. Our specialists focus on real data to provide our clients with in-depth reporting and of course, return on their investment.

What Does My Paid Search Advertising Manager Do?

We’ve told you what you get from a Google Search Advertising campaign from Oh My Agency. But what does your pay per click manager actually do? As a dedicated Google Ads account manager, your specialist manages both your display ads and other Google advertisement efforts for a holistic approach to search engine marketing.

Your certified Google Ads specialist works on driving traffic to your website that is going to bring value to your business. They evaluate your click through rate, conversion rate, quality score and bid amounts to ensure you get the most from each click on your search ads. They evaluate your search terms and update your text ads and ad extensions so you pay less to appear on the Google results page.

Here at Oh My Agency we focus on quality over quantity. Meaning we work to ensure your Google Search Ads account is of the highest quality. So you can lower the quantity (amount) of your bid on each designated keyword. Still achieving wide brand awareness and excellent landing page results.

Maximise ROI with Google Search Ads

Why advertise on Google search results? Google Search Ads are a great way to gain more leads and achieve a high return on investment. Search ads allow your dedicated Google Ads account manager to best optimise your targeting to reduce your overall cost per acquisition. Oh My Agency focuses on quality. Not only providing quality service but ensuring all our ads are of the highest quality, achieving a lower CPC (cost per click) for your account.

A lower CPC means more clicks and more leads, meaning you get more for less.

What You Get from an OMA Google Ads Search Campaign:

  • In-depth, continued keyword research throughout the lifetime of your campaign
  • Customised ad copy designed to convert
  • Data-driven reporting and anlaysis with a focus on account optimisation
  • ROI focused account strategy
  • Dedicated account manager and Google Ads specialist
  • Full transparency in the form of your own client portal

Benefits of Google Search Advertising

Google Search Ads are a wonderful tool to use in conjunction with an ongoing SEO strategy. A well formed search campaign can help your business to show at the top of the search results much faster than a traditional SEO campaign. The additional listings on the first page of the Google Search results are a great way to get your brand in front of more users. More users equals more leads, which is a benefit of search advertising with Google Adwords.

Research shows that 35% of consumers shop repeatedly from brands they discovered online. This is just one reason why it’s so important to ensure your business has a strong online presence and can be easily discovered. Google Search Ads help you to be found quickly and easily by these consumers, bringing you profit now and into the future.

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Google Ads can be a big investment for your business, but invested wisely you can also see a great return.

By engaging Oh My Agency to establish and manage your Google Search Ads campaign you are investing in a specialised approach to PPC advertising. Our in house team of Google Ads experts review, update and optimise your campaign to maximise the return on your investment.

By targeting users most likely to convert we bring value beyond experience and expertise to your campaign.

To find out how we can help bring your business to more consumers contact us today.