Why Google Shopping Ads?

  • Show Your Products Directly to Potential Customers
  • Outrank Your Competitor’s Organic Results
  • Broader Online Presence Through the use of Multiple Ad Types
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

It is estimated that by the year 2040, 95% of purchases will be made through eCommerce. Due to this, it is important for all eCommerce sites to ensure they have a strong online presence, where they can be easily discovered by new customers. Shopping Ads put your business and products front and centre in the Google Search results.

A well managed Google Shopping Ads campaign can help influence online purchases from users previously unfamiliar with your brand.

Let us impress you…

Boost Online Sales With Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads work on a pay-per-click basis, but have the added benefit of providing valuable product information up front in the search results. This allows you to invest wisely in more qualified leads by weeding out users not interested in the design, brand or price range of your advertised products.

In-depth interaction data from your ads performance allow a Google Shopping Ads specialist to target those products and audience which bring you the most online sales from the lowest CPC investment.

What We Provide

As a full service agency, we manage the entire Google Shopping process from beginning to end. From integrating your online shop with a singular merchant centre and ad account to managing your campaigns performance, Oh My Agency does it all.

Social Media


We work closely with you to ensure your online store integrates seamlessly with your Google Merchant Centre and Shopping Ads. Proper integration is absolutely vital to a successful campaign and to eliminate irrelevant clicks.

Data Analysis

Campaign Optimisation

We track and measure your campaign to make sure you’re getting the most out of every click. Looking at overall performance of individual products, brands and categories, we make updates to ensure your campaign brings you maximum return.


Dedicated Management

Our Google Ads specialists are experienced in the integration and management of shopping ads. Your dedicated account manager is also a Google Ads specialist, meaning you have a single point of contact for you campaign.

Account Manager

Reporting & Analysis

A well managed campaign using in-depth analysis to highlight areas of optimisation. Oh My Agency provides clear & consistent reporting and uses tried analysis methods to ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

Sell More Products with Google Shopping Ads

For people looking to buy products online, shopping ads are an ideal way to make an easy and fast purchase. Shopping ads clearly display an image of the product along with a price and description, helping users to make an informed decision directly from the search results.

Showing your products at the top of the search results helps you to reach more customers and thereby increase your online sales.

What You Get From an OMA Gооglе Shopping Campaign:

  • Professional setup and integration
  • Strategic management based on product & shopper characteristics
  • Data driven reporting and analysis
  • Dedicated account manager and Google Ads specialist
  • Full transparency in the form of your own client portal
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Reach Further with Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are best run in conjunction with a search campaign and organic search strategy. A shopping campaign can be a beneficial addition to a well rounded digital strategy.

With search ads and organic search targeting run in conjunction with Google Shopping Ads, you can reach more users by saturating the search results with multiple listings. This helps you to reach more online users and increase overall brand awareness.

Contact Oh My Agency Today

Oh My Agency doesn’t just focus on getting you traffic, we concentrate on ensuring you get the best return from your investment possible. Google Shopping Ads are an ideal way of maximising that return by targeting users most likely to buy.

We work from the ground up, ensuring your feed is correctly integrated, allowing your account the best chance at success. Knowing your foundations are strong our team of specialists use real data to optimise your campaign based on both high and low performing factors.

To find out how Oh My Agency can maximise your return on shopping ad investments contact us today.