Why LinkedIn Ads?

  • Expansive B2B & Professional Network
  • Access up to 40 million business decision makers
  • Best social platform for lead generation
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

LinkedIn is primarily seen as a B2B network and is an incredible tool for reaching business clients who may be interested in your products or services. However, it’s not only a B2B platform. The reach and information available through LinkedIn provides ample opportunity for consumer products and services to advertise.

LinkedIn is particularly popular with higher income earners, meaning it is an ideal platform for advertising upper-market products and services. The nature of content posted on this networking site also makes it a major driver of website traffic to business sites.

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What Do You Get From LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has over 670 million monthly users and is growing it’s user base each year. Approximately 40% of these users engage with LinkedIn on a daily basis, meaning when you advertise on LinkedIn you get over 268 million opportunities to reach working professionals each day.

LinkedIn Ads allow advertisers to promote a number of valuable actions through the platform. Ad campaign drivers include brand awareness, driving engagement, website traffic, leads and online conversions as well as promoting employment opportunities.

What We Provide

As a full service agency, Oh My Agency works with you to perfect your LinkedIn advertising campaign from start to finish. We establish the best targeting and message for your ads, monitor and update your campaign for optimal performance and report our findings to you with a major focus on your ROI.


Audience Creation

We work with you to establish audiences that are of the most value to your business. Whether it be relevant job titles, industries or LinkedIn member’s interests and hobbies, we ensure each audience is made thoughtfully and strategically to benefit your business.


Ad Strategy

Each ad’s purpose, message, imagery and placements are customised in alignment with a customised LinkedIn Ad strategy, devised specifically for your brand. We ensure that your message and placement are in alignment with each campaign’s audience to drive maximum engagement and valuable online conversions.


Dedicated Management

Our social media management team are expertly trained in all platforms, including the organic and paid management of LinkedIn. Working with Oh My Agency you receive an account manager and LinkedIn Ads specialist all in one so you can have a single point of contact throughout the lifetime of your campaigns.


Reporting & Analysis

We build your LinkedIn Ad campaigns for success, and to ensure this is achieved as swiftly as possible the Oh My Agency team conducts in depth analysis and reporting on a regular basis. Every OMA client is also presented with their own client portal to keep them up-to-date with their campaign’s performance data.

Types of LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn Ad campaigns are a great way to reach specialised audiences with custom messaging. The unique user base of LinkedIn allows advertisers to be much more specific with their messaging. Through social media advertising you can develop campaigns that:

Promote Employment Opportunities

Increase Conversions

Improve Brand Awareness

Increase Online Engagement

Produce More Web Traffic

Generate Leads For Businesses

Image Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, engagement, leads, conversions and advertise employment opportunities
  • Results in 20% more clicks than plain text ads
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Most versatile advertising option
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Video Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, engagement, leads and online conversions
  • Results in a higher conversion rate than image ads
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Provides in-depth impression data

Carousel Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, engagement, leads, conversions and advertise employment opportunities
  • Promote multiple products and/or services
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Results in higher click-through-rate
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Text Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness and online conversions
  • Desktop specific for a more targeted audience
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Easily variable for different audiences

Spotlight Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, conversions and advertise employment opportunities
  • Personalised/extremely targeted advertising option
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Highly conversion focused
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Message Ads

  • Drive traffic, leads and conversions
  • Personalised to your recipients
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Ideal for lower-funnel targeting

Boost Your Brand With LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for building your business’ network and becoming more well known in business communities. The highly targeted nature of LinkedIn Ads means you can get your brand in front of those most likely to engage with and bring value to your business.

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A well developed LinkedIn Advertising strategy helps put your business in front of good quality, high converting users, maximising the return on your investment.

Oh My Agency works to put the right type of message in front of the right users to help build your brand. To find out how we can benefit your business, contact the team at Oh My Agency today.