Why Snapchat Ads?

  • 6.4 Million Active Australian Users Monthly
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Unique Ad Options
  • Advanced Tools & Reporting

Snapchat users are 20% more likely to make a purchase on a mobile device and on average, spend over 30 minutes per day on this networking platform. More than 50% of Snapchat users are aged over 25, meaning your audience is filled with buying power.

Snapchat is an ideal place for your brand to connect with it’s audience and display elements of your business’ personality. The numerous options of ad types allows businesses to reach new customers with customised messaging related to their brand. Through the use of behind-the-scenes images and videos, team member & product updates and shared business insights, Snapchat allows businesses to connnect with and grow dedicated customers.

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What Do You Get From Snapchat Ads

Snapchat Ads can be an incredibly useful method for reaching online users and encouraging them to engage with your brand. Photo and video ads can be specifically targeted to users based on their interests, behaviours and previous interactions with your business.

The versatility of Snapchat ads also allows businesses to reach previously unreached users through the use of AR, custom filters and a number of other potentially viral elements for maximum engagement.

What We Provide

As a full service agency, Oh My Agency provides an end-to-end solutions for Snapchat advertising. From developing the right approach and targeting to helping develop creative that draws your audience in.


Audience Creation

We work closely with your business to develop audiences that meet your advertising goals. Including hobby & interest targeting, demographical factors, remarketing & custom audience lists.


Ad Strategy

We develop a full advertising strategy for each stage of your campaign. Using the custom created audiences, Oh My Agency develops your ad creative to match the type, placement and objective of your advertising campaign.


Dedicated Management

With Oh My Agency you get a single point of contact in the form of a dedicated Snapchat Advertising specialist and account manager. Having a dedicated account manager ensure the advertising process runs smoothly for your business.


Reporting & Analysis

Using detailed Snapchat Ads reporting in conjunction with universal website analytics, we monitor every element of your advertising campaign to ensure you receive the best return for your investment.

Types of Snapchat Ad Campaigns

Snapchat ad campaigns are a great way to reach multiple audiences with customised messages. The versatility of Snapchat Ads makes them a great opportunity for any type of business. Through social media advertising you can develop campaigns that:

Promote App Downloads

Generate Leads

Increase Conversions & Online Sales

Improve Brand Awareness

Increase Online & In-App Engagement

Produce More Web Traffic

Encourage In-Store Foot Traffic

Image & Video Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, engagement, leads, conversions, catalog sales and app installs
  • Most versatile advertising option
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • 60% of video ads are watched with sound (compared to 15% on Facebook)
video marketing

Collections Ads

  • Drive traffic, brand awareness, leads, conversions and catalog sales
  • More engaging ad format
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Enables & encourages easy online purchasing

Stories Ads

  • Drive brand awareness, engagement, leads, conversions, catalog sales and app installs
  • Reaches 90% of your followers
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Promote strong call-to-action

AR Lens Ads

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Used by 70% of Snapchatters monthly
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Templated and custom build ad options

Filter Ads

  • Drives brand awareness
  • Lower cost ad option
  • Remarketing capabilities
  • Filters are used by 40-60% of users daily
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Boost Your Brand With Snapchat Ads

With so many ways to reach users through advertising on Snapchat, the oportunities for brands are almost endless. Over 75% of active Snapchat users engage with AR filters on a daily basis, providing advertisers with over 163million potential viewers each day.

Snapchat currently holds the second highest traffic share for mobile apps worldwide, following shortly behind YouTube. This much usage makes Snapchat the ideal place for businesses to interact with current and new members of their followings to grow brand awareness.

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